JDS Plugins

JDS Plugins are plug-ins for Excalibur BBS.

JDS Plugins require a initialization file named jds.ini in the %windowsdirectory%. The jds.ini file will have various sections like [JDSIE], [JDSIM], [JDSNEWS] for respective plugins JDS Internet Everywhere!, JDS Internet Mail and JDS News. Each section in the jds.ini will have its initialization settings for the corresponding plugin, and in addition the "CodeNumbers=************" and "RegNumbers=************". Without the Codenumbers and Regnumbers, the plugins remain unregistered and functional only for Userid 0 (Sys Admin). The Codenumbers and Regnumbers are dependant on the unique Grail number of the BBS, actually the first 11 digits of the Grail number.

Click here to obtain your registration numbers for all the JDS Plugins.

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